Any Web Part is provided in 3 different packages, all following Microsoft guidelines:

For Classic Experience:

  • Add-in, for tenants with a configured App Store/Catalog.
  • WSP, no-code sandbox solution, (recommended) whenever sandbox is available.

For Modern Experience:

  • SPFx, SharePoint Modern Pages.

After unzipping your Web Part package, you will find three folders: - App; - Wsp; - Spfx

You will be using one of these folders to install the Web Part.

But first, let's check out what is inside the package.

Zip structure.PNG

app 📁

└── BT

spfx 📁

└── SP2019

└────── BT _x.x.x.x.sppkg

└── Office365

└────── BT_*

└────── BT* _x.x.x.x.sppkg

wsp (Recommended) 📁

└── BT _x.x.x.x.wsp