Note: If you've already downloaded our Provisioning Engine desktop app, follow the instructions below; if not, follow the instructions here.

How to Install?

Note: The Provisioning Engine desktop application will only display the themes that have been generated on your BindTuning account.

  1. Open the desktop Provisioning Engine;


  2. Login using your BindTuning account;

    Note: Make sure to toggle the SharePoint option.


    • Select your SharePoint version;
    • Input either your Tenant or the particular Site Collection you want to install the Web Parts to;
    • Enter your credentials.
  3. Navigate to the Install tab and change to the Build view;

  4. Select the Web Part(s) you intend to install and click on Review&Install.


  1. Review the products to be installed and click Install.

  2. Choose the target for the installation:

    • Classic SharePoint experience;
    • Modern SharePoint experience and, subsequently, if you want to deploy the product on your Tenant or specific Site Collection.


  3. Review the installation, click on Accept and procced and click Install.

  4. The installation process will begin, immediately, and you'll be able to check its status, as well as to report any errors during the installation.


You're done! ✅